The Heart of Kirtan

Deep Chanting Experience & Bhakti Intensive

The practice of kirtan is infused with love. It is a powerful doorway into the lifelong practice of transforming ourselves into loving human beings, bringing us into greater union with the Beloved that dwells inside us and beyond. In a very unique and personal way, we have the possibility through chanting to touch the deepest, most tender parts of being human and the sacred pulse of the Universe. Read more

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The Path of Kirtan

With Shantala (Benjy & Heather Wertheimer)

This workshop explores the ancient practices of singing, devotional chant, and rhythm. It is an immersion in the luminous ocean of music through voice, mantra, devotion, movement, and meditation. The Path of Kirtan creates a sacred space for safe and playful exploration in a group setting. Participants can then journey together to more clearly and deeply connect with the divine Presence.

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