© 2008 Benjy Wertheimer and David Michael

A lush and deep musical journey where the poignant voice of the East Indian esraj intertwines with the majestic Celtic harp in a celestial soundspace – perfect music for meditation, yoga, bodywork, healing or simply being.

The music features Benjy on esraj, a poignant and deliciously expressive 19-stringed bowed instrument from India. David plays Celtic harp and these slow paced duets are designed to guide you to that place within…

Virtuoso guitarist Michael Mandrell joins the artists on a number of the pieces and Benjy’s wife Heather Wertheimer adds beautiful tamboura and ethereal vocals to complete the surreal soundscape that is perfect for massage therapy, the healing arts, yoga or just peaceful contemplation.

“Created to complement massage, meditation and slow form yoga, Within is a veritable feast for the tender heart in us all. Imagine Celtic and Indian music woven into an exotic tapestry of sweet harmony and ambient, New Age bliss. Such is the joy that awaits the listener who dives deeply Within. Within, the exquisite, sublime result, is nothing less than an improvisational masterpiece.”
-Steve Ryals, www.drunkwithwonder.com

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Calling
  • 02 Lotus
  • 03 Within
  • 04 Angel's Breath
  • 05 Radiance
  • 06 The Veil
  • 07 Nectar
  • 08 Namaste

Download lyrics, notes, etc: