Soul of the Esraj

© 2000 Benjy Wertheimer

A musical canvas for the healing arts, hatha yoga and meditation. With its roots in the classical music of North India, many elements of New Age and contemporary ambient musical styles build a multi-faceted soundscape for your spiritual journey. The esraj, a North Indian instrument, is similar to a small sitar played with a bow. Along with bass flute, Celtic harp, viola da gamba, voice, and guitar, these selections flow through a sequence based on the ancient melodic forms, or ragas, from which they are derived.

“This is not just music, it is prayer.”
-Krishna Das

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Dawning
  • 02 Zenith
  • 03 Come the Darkness
  • 04 Threshold Between Worlds
  • 05 Meditation of the Night

Download lyrics, notes, etc: