Priyagitah: The Nightingale

© 2004 Steve Gorn and Benjy Wertheimer

Bamboo flute master Steve Gorn and multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer (on tabla and esraj) joined forces to create this beautiful expression of the traditional music of Northern India. With a range of moods and tempos, it is wonderful music for yoga and a pleasure for listening in a variety of settings. These improvisational pieces were recorded live in the studio.

“One of my new favorite CDs.… It is a perfect blend between the mystical sounds of the esraj and the soul elevating music of the Bansuri bamboo flute. Mixing other instruments such as tabla, keyboards, and tamboura help to make this an amazingly evocative musical CD.”
-John Friend (Founder of Anusara Yoga)

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Rag Desh, Pt. 1
  • 02 Rag Desh, Pt. 2
  • 03 Rag Desh, Pt. 3
  • 04 Rag Madhuvanti, Pt. 1
  • 05 Rag Madhuvanti, Pt. 2
  • 06 Rag Bhairavi, Pt. 1
  • 07 Rag Bharaivi, Pt. 2
  • 08 Priyagitah

Download lyrics, notes, etc: