Notes from Celtistan

© 2007 Benjy Wertheimer and Michael Mandrell

An eclectic mix of original music on acoustic guitar, tabla and esraj – the mythical world where Celtic meets Indian. Captures the incredible live energy and synergy of Benjy Wertheimer and virtuoso guitarist Michael Mandrell. This live and in-concert recording features their unique and amazing blend of Indian-Celtic world fusion music. Lively, beautiful and fun.

“The beautiful musical landscape of Celtistan reverently merges Michael’s Celtic and jazz sensibilities with Benjy’s love of Indian classical music, giving the ancient traditions of India and Ireland a new melodic voice (with occasional touches of Asia and Bosnia). Celtistan’s flowing and vibrant language was captured live, to preserve the unique richness, openness, and spontaneity that shared moments bring.”
— Eric Alan (Music Director of Jefferson Public Radio, Ashland OR)

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Iberian Nocturne
  • 02 Shining Child
  • 03 Sneakin' Out
  • 04 Banish Misfortune
  • 05 Bhagavan Dude (Live)
  • 06 Bhairavi
  • 07 Waltz From the White Mountains
  • 08 Montuno
  • 09 Turkish Coffee
  • 10 Road Dogs (Guitar-Tabla Improv)
  • 11 Dreaming the Beloved
  • 12 Touch of the Beloved
  • 13 What Was the Question (Live)

Download lyrics, notes, etc: