Leaps and Bounds

© 2015 Benjy Wertheimer, Gaura Vani, John de Kadt and Purusartha Dasa

by The Hanumen

Leaps and Bounds is an intimate and powerful journey through myriad flavors of Bhakti, with elements that range from traditional bhajans to infectious R&B grooves, vintage rockabilly to Brazilian-flavored chants and West African High Life.

We were blessed beyond belief by the gifts of the many artists who helped bring this to fruition, including Beyonce’s music director and lead guitarist Bibi McGill, Grammy-winning bansuri master Steve Gorn, Orville Johnson (“Arguably the best dobro player in America,” according to Folkworks magazine), drummer extraordinaire Andy Hamburger (simply one of the most simultaneously nuanced and rocking drummers ever), and Academy-Award-winning film composer, keyboardist and percussionist John McDowell.

The Hanumen believe in the deep, transformative power of music to help us transcend external divisions – especially Mantra Music or Sacred Song. If you sincerely want to offer your heart and your self to the Supreme (no matter what tradition) we hope you find a home with us!

CDs and downloads of Leaps and Bounds are available online at the following sites:

“Voted #2 Conscious Album of 2015”
-Soul Traveler Radio