Circle of Fire

© 2001 Benjy Wertheimer

An extraordinary dance journey through the music of many cultures around the world, the album’s influences range from rock, funk and jazz to West African, Indonesian and Indian folk and classical traditions. Many moods are woven throughout the CD, inviting the dancers fully into their bodies and inspiring them to flow through the full spectrum of expressive movement.

#1 on the International New Age Radio Charts – November 2002

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Eclipse
  • 02 Circle of Fire
  • 03 Outback
  • 04 Wings of a Thousand Moths
  • 05 Tahitian Wave
  • 06 Rush Hour in Dakar
  • 07 Seven in Senegal
  • 08 Back in Dakar
  • 09 Realm of Neptune
  • 10 Under the Spell