Church of Sky

© 2002 Heather and Benjy Wertheimer

Original acoustic world folk music
featuring Heather Wertheimer

Shantala’s debut CD blends intimate songwriting with world-influenced instrumentals and soaring vocals. Spiced with luscious voices and exceptional arrangements of guitars, keyboards and percussion, Church of Sky features the extraordinary musical talents of Michael Mandrell, Bob Brozman, Tina Malia, Wah!, Joe Jencks, Julian Smedley, Tim Ellis, Jim Walker, Jeff Leonard and others.

“We love Church of Sky. The whole album just breathes love. A true blessing.”
-Deva Premal and Miten

“One of the top ten CDs of 2004.”
-New Age Retailer, July/Aug 2004

MP3 Samples:

  • 01 Etched in Stone
  • 02 Dance Me
  • 03 Roll Over With Me
  • 04 No Safe Place
  • 05 My Island
  • 06 Journey
  • 07 Island Suite
  • 08 Madrone
  • 09 Church of Sky
  • 10 Looking for a Storm
  • 11 You Are My Soul
  • 12 Hard to Hold
  • 13 Going Twice
  • 14 Fallen Heart Blue
  • 15 Between the Lines

Download lyrics, notes, etc: