Wednesday November 9, 2011

Our forays into the Great Lakes region have always been among my favorites anywhere, but this time we took a detour from our usual route into the Thumb Area of Michigan. As they told us there, ‘“You can’t be the Mitten State without having a Thumb.”

And, as you’ll see in the accompanying video, that was only the beginning of the wisdom shared with us in that part of the world.

I was curious, and honestly feeling just a bit mopey after our friends Sean and Lindsey had left our company to travel back eastward. It’s also always a bit hard for me to leave Ontario, which I believe is an ancient native name meaning “Land of the Black Squirrels.”

But I digress …

In Bay City, Michigan, the last of the fall colors were waning, and, frustratingly, the gray squirrels were not only harder to see than the black ones, but the blustery weather was discouraging them from the nut-hiding/food-gathering activities that keep them busy on the ground – and make autumn my favorite time of year.

As you’ll see in my new video, though, I came in contact with a slice of Poiish-American culture that clearly said, “Barkley, I have a feeling we’re not in Oregon any more …”

As the seasons change, may you always enjoy your dance!