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Thursday October 28, 2010

It’s hard to believe that our time in the northeastern US and Ontario has already come to an end. We’ve had some great adventures, and my mom and dad keep telling me how beautiful the fall colors have been this year. Which brings up the age-old question: Are dogs color blind?

Definitely not. The squirrels here are a deep black color – one of the main reasons, I’m sure, that Heather and Benjy bring me to this part of the world!

Besides, when I was last in Santa Barbara (please see my May 2009 post “A Day At The Beach”), some of my canine friends on the beach told me about a study at the University there about how we see color. Here’s what they discovered:
1. Dogs’ retinas have fewer cone cells, which contain pigments that perceive specific color wavelengths and help animals to see and distinguish colors.
2. Dogs are dichromatic, which means we can see only two primary colors – blue and yellow and their combinations, while humans are trichromatic (they can see three primary colors – red, green and blue – RGB, and their combinations).

Hope you are enjoying the yellows and blues in your world – and may your dog dish always be full!