A Slurshy Northwest Romp

Friday January 22, 2010

I have been ecstatically enjoying a long stint here at home in the Northwest – you see me here at the place in the woods near my home that my dog dad calls “The Cathedral.” Every visit here is a different view of a miracle … each drop of rain, ray of sunlight, drink from the stream, noseful of mud or squirrel sighting is clearly cause for celebration!

Every time I come here it feels like the first time, and the rain, the muddy clay, the gray, the cold and the damp all just make me feel happy to be alive – it perplexes me to find that my two-legged friends and family don’t always share this viewpoint. Maybe it’s because I see everything in grayscale anyway … but I think it’s more because I feel each moment as a gift in itself – and if I throw myself into each of those moments, the bliss and gratitude fill my being without fail! May your winter be full of squirrels, treats, and lots of loving!