A Return to Health and Squirrel Chasing

Wednesday March 23, 2011

There’s a lot of buzz around the house these days as we prepare to leave on our spring tour of the western states … I’ll get to re-explore the terrain, people, dogs, and squirrels of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho in the coming weeks!! I can smell the beach, desert, and mountains already!

It has now been over three months since my knee surgery, and I want to give an exuberant bark of thanks (and big doggie kiss) to all of my friends who have been wishing me well these past weeks. The first seven weeks were not easy – my mom and dad had to keep me on a leash in the house that whole time, only letting me out to, as they put it, “take care of business.”

Hey, I’m in the “business” of protecting them from squirrels – as many of you know, I am singlehandedly responsible for staving off at least 250 marauding squirrel attacks every year! But all I got to do during those weeks was sniff around the backyard on a leash for a short time each day …

Now LIFE IS GOOD! I’m out of pain and am nearly unrestricted in making my rounds in the neighborhood, and soon … BACK ON THE ROAD TO VISIT MY FRIENDS!

Hope to see you soon …