The Tale of the Hawk

Monday August 24, 2009

I have to tell you, I really needed a LONG rest after our experience of last night … and I’m afraid nobody would even believe me if I told them what had happened! As most of you know by now, I’m highly experienced in protecting our home from squirrels, moles, raccoons, and the occasional cougar, but nothing could have prepared me and Rachel for what transpired last night. Rachel deserves at least a month’s worth of free dog treats for her heroic actions. Here’s how it happened:

Rachel and I were lying in bed, enjoying a quiet evening. I was dreaming of a truly epic episode of squirrel chasing, and she was enjoying a book. Suddenly, the cacophonous crash of breaking glass and noise of large fluttering wings shattered our reverie. A small, male hawk had just flown through the window! That’s right, a hawk!

Rachel and I rushed out of the bedroom amidst shattered glass and the wild flapping movements of the frantic (but mostly uninjured) hawk. Rachel had the presence of mind to call Animal Control, and within just a short time they came to pick him up and take him to a special animal hospital, where the little guy is being nursed back to health.

Today Tyler (Heather and Benjy’s assistant and one of my favorite people) came out to the house to help clean the bedroom. There was glass everywhere! Rachel found a handyman who replaced the window that the hawk had flown through … I don’t know if he believed how it had been broken, though.

Now things are pretty much back to normal at the Wertheimer house, although this event made me aware that even my unswerving vigilance in preventing squirrel, crow or raccoon attacks will not preclude the unexpected!